Last year, the Porsche Club of America Los Angeles Region (PCA-LA) celebrated their 60th anniversary. That makes them the second oldest PCA chapter in the country, right after the original Potomac chapter itself. But unlike pretty much any other PCA chapter, the L.A. region has arguably done more to build the Porsche mystique than anywhere else. That’s why this year, PCA-LA came to us in search of a new website that would reflect as much.

Why would a car club care about a website? For the same reason that any other organization should: a good first impression. Put in more analog terms, think about a plumber’s van. What gives you a better initial impression; a clean truck, or one that looks like it’s been through multiple rollovers? A going concern’s core task is to attract business, and in a digital age a website serves as your opening line.

Anyway, back to PCA-LA. The club faced the dual tasks of replacing its outdated website and attracting the new, younger members who would sustain it for the coming decades. Fortunately, the club had just elected a new president who was very aware that by addressing the former, the club could also tackle the latter.

From there, it was off to the races. Working in partnership with ALA Creative, we overhauled the entire site. It needed color, it needed lighter language; it needed to be a reflection of the Southern California that existed in the Porsche universe.

It also needed stability improvements, cleaner code, more intuitive navigation, and a responsive design among other things, so this wasn’t just a metaphorical respray.

The result is an all-new club website that takes its cues from the Porsche aesthetic, while putting a colorful and easygoing L.A. spin on things. Most importantly, it meets the elevated standards of PCA-LA and its individual members, too. And perhaps it might even encourage other car clubs to elevate their own standards and reach a wider audience, too.

Visit the new site at