Not 24 hours after throwing open our digital garage, and Singer Vehicle Design has already given us something to talk about: the All-terrain Competition Study.

Otherwise known as the ACS for the sake of brevity, it’s a modern interpretation of the air-cooled rally 911s that bounded across North Africa on their way to Dakar. Of course it wasn’t just Singer involved in this, either. The actual mechanics of it all were designed and built by 911 rally specialist shop Tuthill Porsche.

Which brings us to the interesting bit: Singer and Tuthill are 5372 miles apart.

Common wisdom is that design and development need to happen side-by-side. It’s the best way to ensure an end result that’s functional and visually pleasing, after all. But because of COVID travel restrictions and just the sheer distances involved, Singer and Tuthill had to work together virtually to create the ACS.

And if the ACS is proof of concept, then it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine collaborating with Japanese tuning shop Revolfe on building the perfect Z31 Nissan 300ZX, without that old Z car ever having to leave your garage in Louisiana. An old Land Rover that hasn’t left the Isle of Man in over 40 years getting a makeover by Brooklyn Coachworks.

As long as you (or someone you know) has the mechanical wherewithal to bring it all together, car culture may be on the verge of going from global cross-pollination to cross-collaboration.

Phillip McCarthy