about Barnato

Simplify, then add lightness.

To build a better agency, we stripped the business model down to its frame.

The result: more expertise at a more equitable cost.

What we're made of


We’re director-level advertising and marketing vets, we’ve done everything from down and dirty shopper marketing to high-level brand work, and we’ve done it alongside everyone from regional managers to CMOs and CEOs.

We’ve developed a business model that allows smaller clients to afford big agency services, and big clients to get big agency services at a smaller agency rate.

We’ve streamlined operations by cutting bureaucracy, leading to more direct lines of communication between agency and client, while also preserving creative vision and lowering operating expenses.

We’re built to run lean. We provide the core services you need, and we can draw on a nationwide network of experts to include additional services when you want them.

Our namesake

WOOLF BARNATO was one of the storied Bentley Boys of the 1920s. We took his name because Woolf made a life out of what he loved.

That’s what we’re doing. Granted, we may never casually roll into the 24 Hours of Le Mans, win the race and then tootle back home, but that’s the kind of confidence, adventure, and derring-do we run on.

Besides, the guy’s first name makes for a good logo.

Supporting a good cause

Keeping the racing spirit alive.

Smart, loyal, tenacious and fast. That’s what every racing driver aspires to be, and it’s what every wolf is born to be.

It’s also why we contribute a portion of our quarterly profits to the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. Dedicated to the care of North America’s wolves, the Center is a source of protection and preservation for them, while for visitors it’s a source of education about the key role wolves play in keeping ecosystems balanced and healthy.

It’s a noble cause in service to a noble animal, and Woolf wouldn’t have it any other way.