So let's talk about the All-terrain Competition Study, a Singer project that everyone loves except for Porsche's lawyers.

Otherwise known as the ACS for the sake of brevity, it’s a modern interpretation of the air-cooled rally 911s that bounded across North Africa on their way to Dakar. Of course it wasn’t just Singer involved in this, either. The actual mechanics of it all were designed and built by 911 rally specialist shop Tuthill Porsche.

Which brings us to the interesting bit: Singer and Tuthill are 5372 miles apart.

Singer slides into the safari scene
That's right—the ACS is essentially the product of remote work.
Singer slides into the safari scene

That’s right—the ACS is essentially the product of remote work. Because of COVID travel restrictions (not to mention sheer distance) the Singer and Tuthill teams had to work together virtually, much like the rest of us. And just like us, they were probably surprised at how much they managed to accomplish.

Of course remote work has its limitations. For all we’ve accomplished from our couches, the big stuff still needs to be done in person, with other people. And if anyone’s going to drive the ACS (whatever post-legal brouhaha form it takes) in the rallies it was designed for, they’re going to need a co-driver.

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Calfskin Travel Watch Roll
Craighill Walnut Catch-All

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