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Our Starting Point

As its namesake is to pianos, Steinway Moving & Storage is to relocations in and around New York City. And after nearly 100 years of moving the city’s most rarified corporations from one point to another, Steinway’s developed a wealth of institutional knowledge about floor plan design, systematic labelling, employee coordination and more. So why not capitalize on it? Thus, the genesis of Blueprint.

Our Solution

When Steinway Moving approached us with their new project management brand, they already had a name: Blueprint. But they didn’t have a visual identity. That’s where we came in. We had to develop something that was both distinct, and distinct enough to stand out in New York.

Our key insight was that similar services in the city focused on the actual setup, rather than what the setup meant. Moving into a new space means your company is growing, that there’s future potential. So we seized on it. Typeface combined the New York aesthetic of verticality with the New York drive of movement. You didn’t come this far just to stand still.

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