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Our Starting Point

Not long ago, a startup founder approached us with a nascent service intended to connect athletes and coaches of all levels to teams and leagues. A rough draft of it was already up and running in Philadelphia, but it needed stronger branding, a robust website, and a social presence to build hype and reach audiences. That’s where we came in.

Our Solution

Before we could address the rest of it, this new service needed a new name. The original was all about Philadelphia, but to grow we needed a name that worked across both sports and regions. Given the client’s core vision, we developed a name based on making all sports accessible to all people. Thus, every sport for every one, a.k.a. eseo.

Naming done, we now had to build a site for eseo. The challenge in building the website lay in developing a site that captured the egalitarian message behind eseo. Colors, images, and language were all very deliberate choices. For instance, as much as our audience enjoys pro sports, we didn’t want to show pro sports-level intensity. Our majority audience is made up of amateurs, and we needed to keep things accessible.

From there, we turned our focus to social. In terms of new brands, we’re pretty much at the point where audiences first encounter them on social. So we developed an 80/20 organic/paid presence for eseo, initially focused on its hometown of Philadelphia. Our reasoning was that it’s no use spreading yourself thin, and if eseo could demonstrate success in Philly, it would have an easier time expanding into other markets.

This is an ongoing project, so check back for updates on eseo. Better yet, why not follow eseo for yourself and see our work as it goes live?

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