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Craft + Tailored

Craft+Tailored is all about "sharing the stories behind amazing items, machines and objects." From their expertly curated collections of vintage watches to thoughtful editorial pieces on artisans, craftspeople and entrepreneurs, we've been huge fans for a long time. Check out a few of our favorites here and visit the C+T site, you won't be disappointed.

"At Craft + Tailored we're about reverence. A reverence to the artistry, skills and time required to get a job done, and get it done right.

It’s about the car that for some reason, you feel you need to wear gloves to drive, or the watch that directly connects you to a different - perhaps more romantic - time and place. It’s about the details - about function - about purpose."

Craft + Tailored is "...about sharing the stories behind amazing items, machines and objects."

Cameron Barr, the founder and CEO of Craft & Tailored has been sourcing and collecting vintage timepieces for the past 10 years.

“Craft & Tailored is a business that was quite literally born from my obsessions and passions. I have always loved things that possess history, quality, and purpose. I am also a huge fan of “form meeting function,” where something is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, but also engineered for a functional purpose.”

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