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Miami Supply Co.

Miami meets the road at Miami Supply Co.

Made in Dade. That’s the philosophical foundation of MiamiSupply Co., a brand celebrating the quirks and color of the real Miami metropolitan area, the one those who can’t look past South Beach never see.

The man behind Miami Supply Co.? He’s Made in Dade himself. Jack Bagdadi, designer, creative director, and uplifting gormandizer of Miami’s car culture.

And that’s how Miami Supply Co. caught our eye.

We’ll be the first to admit we’re not totally dialed into Miami’s automotive scene. Yes, there are plenty of supercars milling about, but generally in the same context as they do in Los Angeles. (I.e. in a slow-moving conglomeration—and now that we think about it, among similar architecture, too.) So indicative of an area, not an entire place.

But Jack’s been on the ground his entire life, and he’s seen the entire scene. That’s why—there among his other creations like Tito the Cafecito and Larry the Lechón—is Colada Racing.

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That said, it wasn’t just the collection itself that piqued our interest—it was the hyper-local focus of it. A riff on Cuban culture and local landmarks, Colada Racing flies the flag of cafeína y gasolina. Which is appropriate, given that the day’s first cafecito packs as much punch as a bottle of octane booster. And that's a great reason to get behind it.

Check out the Colada Racing collection—and the rest of MiamiSupply Co.—at the link below.

Colada Racing [via Miami Supply Co.]

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