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It's certainly no comparison to Hong Kong's old Kai Tak Airport, but the approach to St. Barth gives most people a very pregnant pause for spiritual reflection. See that Renault Kangoo at the traffic circle? You'll know if you see it again on the island just by checking the roof, because your plane's landing gear definitely left a skid mark there. And you might want to check yourself for skid marks while you're at it.

Bomb Run: Barreling into St. Barth
The approach to St. Barth gives most people a very pregnant pause for spiritual reflection.
Bomb Run: Barreling into St. Barth

Let's say you land successfully. That doesn't mean your ordeal is over. You have to make it to the terminal, and that means a 180-degree turn into the path of the next landing aircraft headed directly at you. And once you make it to the terminal, you have to run a gauntlet of puka shell necklaces and "Living on island time!" t-shirts. (Or "Vivre à l'heure des îles!" since you're technically in France.)

But—if you've dive-bombed into St. Barth at the right time and under the right circumstances—you have something very special to look forward to: Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille.

With about 40 competing boats, Les Voiles is a a boutique, high-end regatta in the tropical French and Dutch Antilles. That may not seem like a lot of entries for a regatta with corporate sponsorship, but this is a pretty relaxed affair. When not sailing, crews can kick it at a resort or go on a treasure hunt for for bottles of Barons de Rothschild Champagne in the Baie de St. Jean on the island’s northern shore. Sure, you could probably just tuck into a corner at Harry's and order the same with a French 75 chaser, but the approach to CDG is far too sedate.

Anyway, other than Bar Tabac in Brooklyn on Bastille Day (Alliteration! -Ed.) where else could you pay €6 for an espresso?

A Sailboat Race With a French Flair [via The New York Times]

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