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Where would you go if you were a musical antihero? For Walter Becker and Donald Fagan—the guys behind Steely Dan—the answer was New York City, followed as quickly as possible by Los Angeles. But for two guys who didn't seem overly concerned about passport stamps, their music made mention of everywhere from Makapuu to Muswellbrook. But of course given how inscrutable the average set of Dan lyrics can be, you'd be forgiven for missing those more specific places. Until now!

[Drive] Behind The Wheel: Chasing Steely Dan Around The World
Where would you go if you were a musical antihero?
[Drive] Behind The Wheel: Chasing Steely Dan Around The World

It's to the benefit of all of us that C.J. Sutton of the internet has compiled all of Steely Dan's geographic references into one map. And all you have to do is click on one or the other and plot your next road trip. Annandale to Radio City? Cross the Hudson and head south on the Thruway, then cross the Hudson again. Or wind your way through Westchester via the Taconic (Watch out for the county cops. -Ed.) and head into Midtown. The Caroline Islands? Keep an eye on airfares to the South Pacific and an eye out for Security Joan.

Is it the Dan's combination of specificity and obscurity that give their lyrics their misanthropy? Maybe. What we do know is that from the Sunset Strip to Roppongi, you can now follow the metaphorical globe-trotting adventures of two sad sack perfectionists who swore they'd never leave California until it tumbles into the sea.

Steely Dan Places [via chad mo be there]

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