Back in 2020, the Porsche Club of America Los Angeles Region (PCA-LA) celebrated its 60th anniversary. Obviously, not the greatest year for a big celebration, but PCA-LA had been around that long (making them the second oldest PCA outfit in the country, right after the Potomac chapter) and planned to keep on being around for at least another 60 years.

However, unlike pretty much any other PCA chapter, the L.A. gang represented a part of the world that had done more to build the Porsche mystique than just about anywhere else short of Le Mans. Los Angeles is the star factory, and it made Porsche one of its own. PCA-LA needed a website to match, and that’s what they did.

The star factory goes online
Los Angeles is the star factory, and it made Porsche one of its own.
The star factory goes online

If you didn't know better, you'd think PCA-LA's site was an official extension of Porsche itself. Which is, in fact, the point—it's meant to look like part of the Porsche universe. That was an aesthetic decision but according to the club president, Mariana Small, it was also a business decision. Car clubs nation wide are having increasing trouble attracting younger members, much of it because their first exposure to a club is a tremendously outdated website. (Who wants to run with a bunch of guys who still think the Oogachacka Baby is cool?) PCA-LA knew that if it was going to keep attracting new blood, it had to make a good first impression.

The result is an all-new club website that takes its cues from the Porsche aesthetic, while putting a colorful and easygoing L.A. spin on things. Most importantly, it meets the elevated standards of PCA-LA and its individual members, too. And perhaps it might even encourage other car clubs to elevate their own standards and reach a wider audience.

Visit the new site at

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