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Rhino Records

Hot Rods & Custom Classics 4 CD Set

Why We Like It
The music that defined the golden age of hot rodding in a box defined by the golden age of plastic models.

Not one, not two, not three, but four compact discs await you in Rhino Records' Hot Rods & Custom Classics box set. With undercover hits from Dick Dale and his Del-Tones to hippie jams from Canned Heat, this is a wide-trak collection of the tracks that moved post-war American car culture. Doesn't matter if you're a greaser, hot rodder or bootlegger, you'll find a tune that lays out the tarmac and blows away the Federales.* Comes with Coop-designed stickers and fuzzy dice.

*We do not endorse evading law enforcement. Obey all traffic laws, etc.

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